Celia Roberts’ Clinical Yoga Therapy

Celia Roberts of Yoga Integrative Medicine Institute in Brisbane is coming back to Canberra to deliver two wonderful workshops: Clinical Yoga Therapy for Gut & Mental Health and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Whether you’re a yoga student or teacher, the information presented could impact how you practise and teach yoga forevermore.

Session 1

Clinical Yoga Therapy for Gut and Mental Health including Anxiety, Addictions and Depression


Session 1 – $108
Session 1 & 2 – $188

Celia opens the day by sharing great wisdom and practice for overcoming suffering and moving towards physical and mental liberation through the yogic tradition and therapeutic yoga.

This clinical yoga therapy session includes natural restorative remedies to the body’s reaction to states of inflammation and practical wisdom for overcoming the ailments of anxiety, addiction, depression and other illnesses.

Yoga has the word out on gut health, with evidenced based practices that support a return to health gut microbiota. It is a boon to your biome and your brain…

What you will cover:

  • Anxiety is in your body, not just your brain
  • IBS is related to stress in the early years of life
  • Gut diversity is lower in depressed and anxious individuals and how we can improve this
  • Anxiety and depression effect the micro biome and vice versa
  • Yoga and Mindfulness meditation are proven to help
  • How to reduce the size of the amygdala in the brain which responds to fear is linked to high levels anxiety and poor diversity of gut bacteria
  • How to reduce inflammation which is particular to those who suffer from depression and anxiety
  • How dietary changes often show greater improvement than psychological treatment, but the two can be used together successfully

Session 2

Trauma Sensitive Yoga


Session 2 – $108
Session 1 & 2 – $188

Celia Roberts will guide you through a session specifically designed for those who have suffered trauma. Many medical practitioners and researchers are now validating the reality that the body keeps the score. That is, whether there is a lifetime of traumatic events or negative interpersonal relationships, or a single traumatic event, our bodies hold onto the past unless it is attended to in presence and acceptance. As such yoga is a vital mechanism in the release of any trauma – no matter how small or large.

This 3 hour workshop will introduce the theory and research behind this evidence-based yoga. This workshop is for those with an interest in learning about trauma-informed yoga and how trauma is stored in the body, the face, the breath. This retreat will bring you awareness within in order to open the avenue towards healing and will further your knowledge and informative practice by guiding you through Trauma Release Exercises as well as some clinical meditations for stress, anxiety, trauma and addiction.

What you will learn:

  • The neuroscience of trauma in body and brain
  • How to correct areas of trauma in the body
  • How to invite yourself to explore a pose and be mindful of sensations, whether you perceive them as pleasant or painful
  • Why traditional yoga has always explored this with reference to the sutras and philosophy
  • The biological and karmic fate in our genes
  • Postural exercises that really work in yoga
  • Breathing for heart rate variability and excellent nervous system control (vagal tone)
  • Why yoga is one of the best ways of overcoming trauma, anxiety and mental health afflictions.

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