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Yoga and Memory Workshop

Saturday 27th July, 4.30pm to 7.00pm

Nishi Gallery

Join Danile Kilov, Memory Athlete, and Odona Farska, founder of Flow Yoga Canberra, for an inspiring afternoon of yoga and memory training.

We will start the workshop with some gentle and uplifting yoga led by Odona Farska, then Daniel Kilov will explain and teach us simple techniques of training our memory. We can be more creative, innovative and learn more, faster.

Daniel Kilov is a memory athlete. He is a three times medallist at the Australian Memory Championships and holds a national record for the memorisation of abstract images. He is capable of memorising a shuffled deck of cards in less than two minutes, and over 100 random digits in five minutes.

He has also used his memory to great effect in his studies, and is a PhD student at the ANU. Daniel, however, was not born with a super-human memory. Having struggled with organizational skills as a symptom of his poor memory all through high school, he sought out methods to improve his memory. It was then that he discovered the “Art of Memory”, a loosely associated group of mnemonic principles and techniques that originated in Ancient Greece. Similar methods have also been used by indigenous societies around the world and represent a key method by which oral cultures are kept alive.

Daniel believes that we are all mental athletes; in a competitive world, we all need to be able to remember more, to be more creative, innovative and focused. In this sense, the techniques used by memory athletes should be available to everyone. In this workshop, Daniel will share the techniques and methods that he uses in his day to day life to learn more, faster.

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